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EB144 – Charles Hoskinson & Alex Chepurnoy: IOHK, Scorex And The Case For Ethereum Traditional

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From BitShares to his central role during the inception of Ethereum Charles Hoskinson has continually influenced key projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. After departing the Ethereum project in 2014, he has recently stepped back into the limelight by pledging support and resources to turn the fledgling Ethereum fork ETC into a viable project.

Charles joined us together with Alex Chepurnoy, a developer at his company IOHK. Besides Ethereum Classic, we talked about IOHK and Scorex, IOHK’s modular blockchain framework project that Alex Chepurnoy has been leading.

Topics covered included:
– The vision and activities of IOHK
– Scorex: A Modular Blockchain Framework
– Conflicts of vision that lead to Charles’ departure as original CEO of Ethereum in 2014
– Why the hard fork broken Ethereum’s social contract
– Why ETC should differentiate and find its own path
– The role governance could play in ETC’s future

Links mentioned in this episode:

– IOHK Scorex http://bit.ly/2bqM65q
– IOHK – Input Output Hong Kong Website http://bit.ly/2aRE2sN
– Charles Hoskinson: Hoskus Parvum Opus: A Brief Sojourn Back to Ethereum http://bit.ly/2aTQH44
– Ethereum Classic: keep censorship-resistant Ethereum going http://bit.ly/2brVMzc
– ETC Declaration of Independence http://bit.ly/2bq8QmI
– Let’s Talk Bitcoin #304 Immutability vs Consensus Debate http://bit.ly/2aSjxvE


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