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Bühler is working with Microsoft to make meals safer

Meals security & extra: Meals processing tools maker Bühler is utilizing IoT, ML and AI to chop power consumption and meals waste — all whereas making meals safer to eat.

Switzerland-based Bühler has launched LumoVision, a digital sorting machine linked to Bühler’s Insights that pairs Microsoft cloud expertise, together with IoT and AI, with ultraviolet mild to determine dangerous toxins in harvested grains and reduce meals waste.

In his Microsoft Ignite keynote, Satya Nadella shared half two of the Bühler story, highlighting how Bühler is integrating blockchain expertise into its platform to assist grain, flour, rice and corn millers observe crops and grains from the sector to meals processing mills and, in the end, to grocery shops.

To study extra about Bühler LumoVision, go to http://msft.social/grgZEq

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  1. Can they make a computer vision system that monitors the complete distribution chain to identify and predict when and if somebody is putting pins and needles in fruit?

  2. The actual goal should be fixing that 30% waste. Which is not the same as reducing 30% resource use. By far.
    Reducing energy use by 30% removes only 9% energy waste through food waste. (And 9% water waste, also.)
    Still a far better solution than anything I could bring into effect though. Thank you.
    My simplistic calculation in Excel:
    Energy in Energy waste
    100% 30%
    70% 21%
    Actual reduction in energy waste: 9% only. Even though you reduced energy use by 30%, you only fixed 9% of the "problem"… And food waste — the actual problem — remains 30% by the way.

  3. How blockchain can help produce the food can sombody explain?

  4. Uhh
    If you are a popular company, you get at least 500k subscribers
    I’m one of them

  5. Oh nvm this is the good shit

  6. By the way you sir are beans u friken frik

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