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NEXT BIG WAVE: Why Bitcoin is HOT in China

China has a inhabitants of 1.three Billion folks – all of which can probably want to make use of Bitcoin as nationwide coverage shifts to restrict the usage of the RMB. I took a mini journey all the way down to China to hang around with my miner mates and so they inform me the within scoop of what is taking place.
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  1. The shorter the video the better….btw amazing views, great info, excellent results

  2. I do not believe in the hack program because i have been scammed a lot , but now I believe all thanks to hacker6ruse@gmail.com that help me generate 5 BTC into my wallet with no charge, I will forever appriciate you….Thanks

  3. cool content!!! DE-fud the fud lol

  4. @boxmining Hey man Just watched your new Vlog in Guinlin I'm a big fan of you and I live in Guilin so if you need a local guide or anything I'll be happy to help Wish you have a blessing trip!

  5. Awesome. More Vlog-Style videos please.

  6. Dude your video cuts off around the 9 minute mark

  7. Watching news of recent protests in Hong Kong, first person that came to mind was Michael and his thoughts on possible new law,

  8. In Europe NFC in phones seems also rarely used, in everyday situations it's mostly contactless credit cards.

  9. We need WeChat Pay to adopt Bitcoin and other crypto. I'm surprised Justin Sun hasn't accomplished this with Tron (TRX).

  10. Well Bitcoin is a store of value rather than a unit of account so yeah, digital gold.

  11. Lol the big FW shuts down mining in whole china by one click

  12. Thank you! Great perspective to get. Definitely interested about the bank policy @7:33

  13. Awesome vlog. Keep up the good work and info flowing out of China. Don’t get yourself in trouble though.

  14. THAts good, encourages people to buy and hold, thus gaining in the long run!!!

  15. So your opinion is that the Chinese interest in Bitcoin is high?

  16. If everybody in China bought just 0.01 BTC how fast would it run out?

  17. Enjoy the travel vid mate! Thanks for sharing your travels with us

  18. Enough of the islands!! Need to visit some spots in Asia! Great video. Informative and beautiful.

  19. yesterday news says " mining btc in russia banned"

  20. Hi Mr Box, may I ask if Chinese are allowed Bitcoin, do they know or buy Vechain tokens (or any other alts popular)? Thank you

  21. Lived in china 8 years. Wechat and Ali revolutionized payments. The world should copy them , crypto needs to copy them

  22. Place looks "other Worldly"! 😃

  23. Beautiful scenery and cool video

  24. **The best part…China government seized his camera and him** 8:58

  25. It’s hot until people starting disappearing or getting executed for owning or trading it.

  26. Spuds like Pundi x Xpos would be perfect for that region of the world 👌

  27. Yeah . The Chinese adopt technology that's more relevant on the ground.. 15 years ago, I was in China. The ATM pin code was on a silver glitter rub away card.. I thought that was such a relevant implementation vs a hardware tokens.. it's much easier to issue these cards vs a new token to everyone..

  28. Much better internet vs in San Francisco previously? Heheh 😉

  29. shill us some good chinese stocks at a discount atm

  30. Super cool video box mining!

  31. You're bringing us a unique perspective and insights into the Chinese market, Michael. Thanks and please do more of these. Love the scenic views being included.

  32. Some editing errors at 9 min.. intended to end the video there .
    Fred's Instagram: @Fred_khamzin

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