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Bitcoin Mining Linux Replace

I discuss my linux mining setup, how I am getting 360mhps with inventory voltage and 900/300 clocks. Execs and cons of home windows vs linux

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  1. Are you a millionare right now?

  2. do you have a particular distro that you like better than others for cryptomining?

  3. Very interesting. Thanks for the update. I am learning stuff that I never knew about, which is always fun for me.

  4. 6990×2 1.6Gh $700×2=$1400
    6970×3 1.2Gh $350×3=$1050
    6950×3 1.2Gh $240×3=$720
    6870×4 1.2Gh $170×4=$680
    6850×5 1.25Gh $150×5=$750
    6770×6 1.2Gh $120×6=$720
    If 1Gh produces 7BTC per day and 1BTC=$2.50, then ROI begins sooner with the 6870.

  5. Catalyst 11.8 was rock stable though. but it didn't allow me to go beyond the Overdrive limits. that's (engine clocks) 900 MHz for 5870 and 960 MHz for 5770) which are the two cards i have.

  6. you can use aticonfig to underclock your RAM like this:
    aticonfig –odsc=900,300
    will set the engine clock to 900 MHz and memory clock to 300 MHz

    additionally, Radeon BIOS Editor, while it's a Windows program, will run under Linux in WINE (or so I've been told)

    also, I'm testing out the Catalyst 11.6 driver in Linux right now. it allows overclocking above the limits of Overdrive. I'm not sure how stable it is though, it got a crash just before. so maybe I'll have to edit the BIOS. we'll see.

  7. Good info, nicely presented!

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  9. @1ockedand1oaded Always willing to help!

  10. @philipthrasher
    thanks man, I'm still very much a beginner at this, but you've helped me get past a big barrier. 🙂

  11. @1ockedand1oaded If you're on ubuntu, it's super simple. open a terminal and then type the following:

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:stretch/bitcoin
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install bitcoin

    Once you've done that, type the following:


  12. Don't laugh but.. how do you install the bitcoin wallet in linux? i have the tar.gz file extracted but i can't see any way to 'make' it. Do i just but the bin and src folder contents in the bin src folders in my system? and where do the locale folder contents go? >.<I feel like I'm missing out on something big so your help would be very appreciated thanks.

  13. @hopelesswait Awesome! Thanks a bunch. Let me know if you need anything else. 🙂

  14. @misternycguy1 5830's*

    Yeah, I'm hoping so. Linux is definitely the way to go. For now, just having an winxp vm has worked out fine. Also, I think I'm going to stick with having the clocks flashed in so that I can just boot and not have to worry about running aticonfig to change the clocks etc.

    Thanks for the tip though, I'll definitely remember that. I was wondering what all of the different clocking areas in RBE were for.

  15. @hopelesswait cron is a program that runs anything you wish for you at set times. To reboot every 6 hours, in ubuntu, you would do the following:

    type at the command line:
    sudo crontab -e

    This will open up the crontab ffile in a text editor. I like vi, but for newbs… Use nano.

    Once the text editor has opened the file, type the following into it:
    0 */6 * * * /sbin/reboot

    save, and quit. You're all done. It will now reboot every 6 hours.

  16. @m1ndsurf3r Yeah, I've heard of getting 370-400, but I haven't been able to OC that far. Also, I don't think it's worth it. It greatly shortens the life if the card, and it uses a ton more wattage.

    I don't have a kill-a-watt or anything. I'm going to buy one at some point, but currently I don't know the wattage used.

  17. wow.. seems you realy squeezed out a great amount of MegaHashes out of your 5850s at a quite good temperature.. do you have a kill-a-watt to tell what kW/h your system takes?
    btw. same here with 5850.. the shop where i bought my 5850s is sold out of those now

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