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Is the Nvidia 1650 Value It for Mining or Gaming? 1650 Mining Hashrates & Evaluate

Let’s evaluation the Nvidia 1650 GPU and decide if its mining and gaming efficiency make it value shopping for! Subscribe to the VoskCoin YouTube channel! ► http://voskco.in/Sub

►Purchase your individual Nvidia 1650 GPU – https://amzn.to/2MoXqoW
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►Gigabyte Nvidia 1650 GPU proven – https://amzn.to/2EEAJ9M

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►Evaluate the 1650 mining hashrates right here – http://voskco.in/1650HRs

*UPDATE* I miscalculated the Ravencoin and Beam mining profitability on this video, they nonetheless are decrease earnings than mining Ethereum, however not within the unfavourable like proven.

When you have been questioning the the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 is value it for mining and even gaming then excellent news… I wasted I imply spent $170 to get one to evaluation for you! In todays 1650 evaluation video I will probably be going over shortly the gaming efficiency of the 1650 in addition to operating the 1650 by way of quite a few GPU mining benchmarks on widespread GPU mineable cryptocurrencies. Hashrates for cash like Ethereum, Beam, Ravencoin, Bitcoin Gold, and others will probably be coated in todays video. Lets decide if the 1650 is a bang for buck GPU for mining or a complete flop!

00:00 Nvidia 1650 cinematic intro
00:26 Nvidia 1650 mining & gaming evaluation
01:17 1650 gaming efficiency evaluation & benchmark
02:06 Free Ethereum ETH giveaway
02:44 Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 overview & specs
07:29 Nvidia 1650 mining hashrate benchmarks
11:28 Nvidia 1650 GPU mining profitability evaluation
13:00 Is the Nvidia 1650 value it for mining or gaming?

►Purchase your individual Nvidia 1650 GPU – https://amzn.to/2MoXqoW
►Subscribe to the VoskCoin YouTube! – http://voskco.in/Sub
►Evaluate the 1650 mining hashrates right here – http://voskco.in/1650HRs
Nvidia 1650 GPU mining revenue calculator – http://voskco.in/1650calc
Official Nvidia 1650 specs – http://voskco.in/EXpf

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about bitcoin mining.

  2. If it is long and informative why not? I'm willing to watch and learn

  3. Thanks for the warning to stay away from this card Vosk! My preferred video length is 10 mins. 0xEeAb98A323Bc205C14fA12E162b7B0c2DfEE7499

  4. Very useful advice. Thank you!

    I really think you should lose the music though.

  5. 10 minutes

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    17 min 38 sec 🤣

    Keep up the good work Vosk! Love the channel #LoveTails

  8. ETH: 0x519d55B18B40Ca951a6f5443dC558D4274EB9feD

    7-20 minutes long depending on the type of video

  9. 10-15 minutes is ideal to cover most aspects


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    More asic vosk 5 min vid length

  11. I think about 10-15 mins.


  12. I live in an apartment is it worth it to mine?
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  14. 10-15 mins is good ! 0xaFE0Ae14DC19AA8C16E37d682f69d5b4354f2171

  15. 0xe7e6a7dd4861734d4b97d98bb211ee5b442916da

    Super good Channel i ser all the upload.
    I use only 2 rx Vega 56 plus 1 rx570 amore 8gb oc and get 108 MMS

    Thanks for you good channel

  16. 0xf13871aab7b94aa2a657fad1de51b58e87086be6

    For a video like this one it think 10 – 15minutes is great! A long video like the build one is always a good thing!

  17. what mining site or app do you used? i like to use it thanks

  18. 0xB2D5eDFe4Dbb3b4398963bd09A2fb74f1c72a81B

    10 mins would be good , thanks for keep updating the news for bitcoin mining hardware keep up the good work

  19. Thanks for another confirmation that the GTX 1650 pretty much sucks for all applications except if you needed the card in situations that only uses power fro the PCIe slot but then if you are doing that you should just buy the older GTX 1050ti which should cost less and performs slighter lower.

  20. 15-20 minutes over that people tend to tune out.


  21. get a used rx470 off of ebay for 75

  22. Good info, I was wondering what this can do and now I know. As far as video lengths go, it depends on the information provided for what is being discussed. Sometimes it just takes time to explain the item or process. 0xe3bac368849b0c1c0f2f80515812b35be3120ef3

  23. 15 mins at most

  24. I'll pass on the 1660 and stick with 1660 6gb and 1070 ti's. I thing 10 – 15 min is about right.

  25. dont worry you will be 100k with the next bull run

  26. With the content from you, 10-15mins like you do now is perfect, especially with the time stamps, it's really something a lot of others should do


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  34. 10 mins is cool man. 0xE00bE0fd862B49C58A59a897f7fa9Df90a0b01Ef

  35. Lol I saw that Warcraft 3 Icon. I've been playing Frozen Throne Td's recently. They did update yesterday that keeps crashing the client after every game ends & keeps resetting my settings, So Sad.. They got to fix it quickly.

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