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Pictures FIRED! Binance Shills Assault!! BTC To 10okay or 6k?? Tether Will Resolve Our Destiny!!

The Binance IEO Shill Gang ( Crypto Zombie, Blockchain Brad, That Martini Man & Mr Kristof) have attacked Chico Crypto on the identical day after I posted my Binance IEO expose video. What’s my response? Expose their group shilling after all! Plus, what’s Bitcoin’s subsequent transfer?? Will Bitcoin hit $10,000 or will a drop convey it right down to $6000. Bonus crypto information from tasks like: Ethereum Kyber Community, Sentivate, Bitcoin Money 51 % assault & extra!

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  1. Phuck em Chico, no one has to agree with your opinions all the time but one thing that should be said is you are an independent voice in the space that thinks outside the box and does the research to boot. You have my respect.

  2. $ 2800 per month is in many places a good salary.

  3. the very first thing you do is that gay shit with your hair. Next video thank you.

  4. so wait…was the Harmony team being dishonest when they said they are good friends with the Zilica team and they are looking forward to collaborating with them??

  5. Thank you for your knowledge and opinions!

  6. Good call on calling out the shills disguised as news segments. Unsubbed there LONG time ago.

  7. Chico, you talk shit about people and projects all the time. You spread rumors and fud. Stop bashing others. Shit comes back around… I gave you another chance after you tried to sink Vechain. AND, how dare you criticize Crypto Zombie?? He is honest. Unstoppable Domains is a good idea. You don't see that? I give up on you.

  8. Hey Chico since your Gofundme didn't reach its goal could you return funds as promised? I kind of need the money as I'm studying. Thanks so much for your honesty in these vids, out of all these millions of Youtubers there is one doing honest content.

  9. Sounds like U are swimming with the sharks. The truth will be ur "shark cage". The more they dump on U , I will wager U will see huge growth in followers. U are providing info that no one else will touch. Many thumbs up, matey!!! PS: I'm thinking that U are looking more and more like Tim Allen in his famous movie "The Shaggy Dog"! A nice "howl-out at the end of ur presentations will confirm! PS2: Keep up the great work!

  10. "It's easier to fool a man than convince him he's been fooled" (Mark Twaine)

  11. but Chico all other stablecoins got no volume…whatamagunnado? lol

  12. Chico!! the ultimate shill… right up there with Suppoman the supo scam! dude look how fucking stoned you are how can anybody even possibly take you serious! what a joke look at your stoned ass face… beer and weed yeah cool dude… no thanks your content sucks ass and i have happily UNSUBBED

  13. They are not shilling HARMONY / the reason why they are posting about HARMONY is because of the money that was made in the last 3 tokens released on BINANCE … there is money to be made in trading … and they have no skin in the game with HARMONY its not even out yet, they are just reporting news

  14. Half of Crypto Twitter is coordinated in my opinion. When you see a specific narrative across the board on Twitter, be careful.

  15. BTC probably the only option in the ocean of scam.

  16. BINANCE is hands down the BEST exchange to trade on … they have had 2 major hacks and have taken care of there investors both times / so CZ is making money that is what your goal is when you have a business

  17. Not just the guys you are mentioning were pumping Harmony, I seen a ton of other people pumping it as well. Too obvious for me personally.

  18. It is very obvious what's going on… before you made this. You don't have to be right to be righteous. Being transparent is righteous and you're the most transparent/righteous. Keep the hair, long hair don't care. Thank you Chico!

  19. TETHER + CMC + ARTIFICIAL MEGA PUMP = $20k or more BTC price

  20. Those other youtubers are getting back handers under the table deals , Binance has the clout and dirty dealings to do such things in a UNREGULATED MARKET !

  21. It is not illegal to work for Binance actually, you promote some crypto’s also bro , but I like your insights and comparisons keep up

  22. You kick ass Chico Crypto

  23. You think the law will ever catch up to the these guys?

  24. Yeah, I think I´m going to err on the side of caution this time. Totally agree with you. Dont know if BTC will moon this year, but it is all too coincidental and aligned.

  25. The broadcasters you mentioned are not veteran 'crypto youtubers'.    I prefer to watch Crypto Lark and Crypt0.  They are pretty damn honest and unbiased, and have been around since early 2017.     I have been watching them since then.    And yes……. they've been pumping 'unstoppable domains', etc.

  26. Chico,
    Brother, it took me a while to get used to you and your style, I can now comfortably say that I enjoy and look forward to your posts.
    Thank for bringing us the RAW and unrefined truth. You are THE MAN.
    I highly appreciate you and your posts, thank you 🙏

  27. Good job, I will unsubscribe those fuckers

  28. I play World of Tanks on PC

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