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How Cryptocurrency Works | NYT

From Bitcoin to Litecoin to Ethereum, we clarify how cryptocurrency transactions work.

Extra from The New York Occasions Video:
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  1. stil dont get why the math puzzles, but okay ;D

  2. I think hashflare has 30% off mining with code HF18INET404.

  3. There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?

  4. IF it lasts that long…… Really?

  5. Wonder why no one ever thinks about the environmental impact of mining bitcoins. And btw it's not anonymous, the moment someone binds your name to your wallet id all your transactions are public. Not quite the same as an IBAN.

  6. Cryptocurrency is the future and the future is techno-libertarian.

  7. There's no online purchase using banks to authorize a transfer. Just like there are hardly any that would allow bitcoin transactions.

  8. Combination beenie babies and green dot.

  9. When the Russians come up with a way to go through all logins and passwords without hacking them, and freely manage files, a new world will come and the bitcoins will become the property of Russia, like the rest of the world … I think it will be very soon or it has already come and is …

  10. 70% of the people reading this will be paying with crypto in five years. 100% of their children will be in fifteen years.

  11. Oy vey, goyim. Buy my Mosescoin!

  12. So in a sense bitcoin will crash and come to an end when there are no more coins to be mine, because no one will spend energy creating new blocks…

  13. Ok, but why does it cost money?

  14. 1:44 Not complex puzzles but complex problem.
    A puzzle solving time highly depends on knowledge and ingenuity which means it can take more or less time for one person compared to another.
    A problem has one solution which takes about the same time for everyone with a set of skills i.e. if I provide 100 amount of power to mine, and you too provide 100 amount of power to mine we will end up mining the same amount over a certain period of time. More power, more the mining efficiency.

  15. bitcons over untrustable platfrom to use warning ya taxing on way to laws trade agreement globle

  16. so it's backed by absolutely nothing but the nerds that invented it and said it was worth something, can anyone say pyramid scheme.

  17. I feel like crypto currency is a novelty but regardless is the way of the future

  18. Buy crypto guys, don’t sell. We need to raise the prices.

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