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Did We Purchase The Complete Bitcoin Backside! Sure We Did!!!!!! πŸš€πŸš€MOONINGπŸš€πŸš€ #Podcast 53

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  1. Come on guy's don't get your pantie's tied in a knot . This is only the calm before the storm of what's about to move the earth under all our feet. Let's just say it's going big time mainstream usability for the world. It's simple math and knowledge of something other then Crypto. More than 10 years ago i was reading about cellphone usage and the internet and all who will be using this technology in the next 10 year's. I'll just cut to the important part Cellphone's and how many will have one by the year 2020. Estimated 90 % and it's a fact that our beloved brick's since last years have quadrupled last year's export's worldwide and every year after will double. All the unbanked just became their own bank and that = big time $ for Cryptocurrency's in general. My intuition say's HODL no matter how good it looks now. As the saying goes this is not and will not be taken as financial advise.

  2. Every month I buy more, especially DGB. At these ridiculously low prices, heck ya! I'll keep buying…

  3. @energi Crypto talk to Tommy

  4. Bob Loukas was helpful. Thanks

  5. +Crypto Mug Investors Another thing I want to say. All those traders saying "shorts are stacked not a good time to short", 99.9 % of them don't even realize that shorts on Bitfinex are manipulated by whales. I know that's the case because I've been staring at this chart for over 2 years. They start decreasing when literally they shouldn't, just like now going from 28k to 25k while BTC is falling off a cliff. I have screenshots to prove it when they got down 5-10k in less than 5 minutes and the price of BTC remained the same.

  6. The race is over. Mooning to the downside from now on.

  7. Bo polony … and 250k is interstellar

  8. Thanks for the shout out guys. Yes I got "rekt" on my trade yesterday, but I don't regret trying it out, it was a good gamble. My view on this market has not changed one bit. I don't believe we're in the bull run now as this pump that we had in a month or so doesn't look "organic". If anything you should be scared now and ask yourself what the hell is going on. I believe Tether is going to crash and one of the biggest exchanges will go down (I'm guessing Binance) which will completely destroy the price of BTC. My plan is not to do anything. I will be sitting on the sidelines and watch you guys "Moon".

  9. Professional moon boys 🀝 I am happy to be one too πŸ€œπŸ€›

  10. Almighty crash coming next month boys get ready and buy the dip last chance to buy Cheap Bitcoin πŸ’°

  11. good video lads. There will be fucking new millionaires that have hodled through this brutal, simply brutal bear market, prices will go insane paraolic. people don't understand how huge some of these alts will get, lets get serious, real new millionaires will be coming in the near future in some of these cryptos. The bulls are back in town, in full swing, no stopping this rocketship to the milky way. It's going insane and the scary part is that it is just getting started.This is the real big bull run that people have been waiting on since 2018…People have been burned and beat up so much this past year or so, but this is the one, this is the big one. This is the gigantic bul run, one that gets people fomoing in like little girls. This is the big one and it won't stop. This is the real bull run, traders will get squashed. Hodlers will win in the end, big as in daily parabolic rises in my humble opinon.

  12. I gained 4.5k in 24 hrs. I have had me house up for sale 18 months droped the price 120k still had only 2 viewers, haven't been able to sell due to no markt. wealth transfer is REAL.

  13. Check your donation wallets boys. I sent you a bit of BCH the other day!
    Love the content fellow professional moonboys.

  14. only found you guys yesterday love your stuff!!

  15. Investing is not about fun!!! It is serious business.I can't take this sheet.Later

  16. Tone Vays said before 1200.You guys are listening to Youtubers T.A.!!

  17. Charts are bull shit.Exchanges are wash trading.OTC is not being picked on charts…

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