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Ripple XRP: The Frustration Of Bitcoin Shifting Now However It Being Too Costly To Get Wealthy Fast

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$11,500 Bitcoin Value Will Completely Change into a Actuality in 2019

Bitcoin Value Will Attain $1 Million in 2020, Or You’re an Fool: John McAfee

$100,000 Bitcoin Value Will Kill Each Different Cryptocurrency by 2021: Main Crypto Fund

A Bitcoin Halvening Is Two Years Away — Here is What’ll Occur To The Bitcoin Value

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  1. Very good information. Lucky me I came across your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

  2. I hold XRP and Vechain as well as some Bitcoin. I truly believe those two projects will do well and that will be reflected in the price, just be patient.

  3. I love seeing those lists of coins that had the highest percentage gains in 2017…they always seem to be fake news because VERGE XVG was top dog that year. Not that I think XVG has anything on XRP…but the truth is the truth!

  4. There is no moon for xrp.. trade it with btc or xlm. There is maas price manipulation going on.. don’t expect much.

  5. It XRP goes up by 36,000% again it will be worth $108

  6. I'm still buying every week

  7. What do you think about vechain its all-time high was almost $10 and now it's sitting at .006

  8. So you reckon volume increase equates to price increase with btc. Xrp volumes have increased but no price increase?

  9. Waiting to see what btc does around 6k before pulling the trigger.

  10. I dont get this concept. If something grows by say 200% then how ever much you buy, will also rise by the same amount

  11. I’m 30% xlm, 25% xrp, 20% btc, 20% eth & 5% fiat to buy more during pull backs… 😎😎😎😎

  12. Guys what are you complaining about? Before xrp made a rise from 0.0o6 in 2015 2016 then 2017 to 3.50 we had the same shit like now. Did anybody ever believe Xrp could rise up that way? NO!…….So if you complain now and think 10 20 50 Dollars are impossible, just lean back….

  13. Cryptocurrency is one of the riskiest yet rewarding investments in our current era. All kinds of people having made huge amounts of money by investing into cryptocurrency, from tech nerds to average Joes. And at the same time more people have lost huge amounts of money because of lack of knowledge or limited information. It does not take a paid group or being a genius to profit from investing in cryptocurrency. I lost most of my portfolio sometime back all because I was strictly a hodler, it led me to looking for information about cryptocurrency investing and making profit also from it. Now I make huge profit off bitcoin by trading. Though I am not even close to the best of traders, I do this by being smart and utilizing the trade assistance of a very successful trader who provides strategies and signals for new and old traders. I have been using Samuel Garcia's system for quite some time now and have never been disappointed as my profit is on the steady and consistent. I suggest him to anyone who may need some guide to make better and consistent profit from cryptocurrency (samuelgarcia1481@gmailcom)

  14. Seriously.. What can you do with btc? It's slow expensive (high fees) and no utility nor any companie behind it.. So what is the value just than it was first with all respect..

  15. The thing all these big-shot BTC-maxis, who claim that BTC will go to this astrological number or that number, can't ever explain is why? Why would BTC go to $1million? Just because? It's not a physical hedge against inflation like gold, it's not backed by anything of value like a gold or silver IRA, it litterally can't function like cash or digital payments because it's too slow and fees are too expensive and the network can't scale, and it's not being used for a dang thing except for a speculation vehicle.

    As far as a storage of value, there are better functioning assets out there that actually have utiliy, hence real value, and soon there will be crypto funds with real commodities such as gold backing them to invest in.

    Things without utiliy that just goes up in price because of speculation is called a ponzie-scheme; it's the same thing as Enron. Will BTC hype just go on indefinitely for years and years and nobody will ever stop to ask, "What exactly does BTC do and what gives it any real value?". I'm thinking not. As soon as BTC hits $20k it's network will come to a screeching hault again, this time for the entire world to see. So it just baffles me how these people throw out these whopping numbers when BTC is simply outdated tech, searching for a use case and it only gets it's value from specilation. Things that go up because of hot air eventually come back down.

    Once the initial crypto mania has settled and wallstreet has made their money off of the retail investors, I'm certain that only assets with real utiliy or that are backed by hard assets or commodities will be left standing.

  16. I guess you need to ask yourself… who would pay 100k for Bitcoin that wouldn't pay 6k ??? Are there that many stupid people out there ???

  17. I kinda tune out when you mention candlesticks, wicks, etc. The TA is confusing for me.

  18. What do you think about Apollo APL? Can it repeat XRP rise? People's talking about scam blabla, but xrp was called scam or banker shitcoin too in the past.

  19. The reason bitcoin will be worth over million dollars each is because we're headed for economic collapse the dollar will be worth nothing people will be burning the money in the street

  20. If John McAfee is right it will only take 1 bitcoin to get you to $1 Million by end of 2020.

  21. xrp is stuck deliberately at 0.3 or near enough…

  22. its a shooting star candle.

  23. Frustrated is not even close to the right word.
    it's all your fault Working Money Channel!
    I'm just kidding by the way you doing the best you can appreciate your hard work and videos

  24. I just need xrp to hit 100$

  25. Does anyone know what the bearable guy twitter pic update means?

  26. I think BTC will reverse downwards starting around May 9.


  28. if you hold 10,000 xrp and if it goes up by 36,000%($108/xrp) you will have $1,080,000.

  29. original was 500,000 then double downed and made it 1 Million was always end of 2020

  30. The Modern Investor disagrees. Owning only 0.28 btc will make you a part of the 1% in a few years due to Bitcoin's scarcity. I love XRP but the whole space is still at an early stage.

  31. Love this Bear Market baby! No frustration here filling bagggsss🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  32. At LA fitness they are advertising bitcoin and xrp in the middle of the juice bar menu,With a bitcoin atm in the hallway,things are getting exciting.

  33. I'm just sitting in the corner playing with my Bearable guy doll and toy Lambo. WMC come onto bitmex and take some longs on XRP.

  34. can't fomo but all we can do is dollar cost average

  35. Bitcoin to 100 K + , sounds like a great way to collapse an economy when it Dumps as there is no tested bottom and depending on Bitcoin Whales being better than Banks ? Just remember FOMO can easily reverse to REKT …

  36. Always like the videos. XRP baby!!!!!

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