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IBM's Jesse Lund introduces IBM Blockchain World Wire

In at this time’s digital age, folks and companies are related all over the world as patrons and sellers, customers and producers. However decades-old fee programs have not stored tempo – till now. Watch IBM’s Jesse Lund describe how IBM Blockchain World Wire transforms cross-border funds with simultaneous clearing and settlement in close to real-time, changing pricey opacity with inexpensive transparency.

IBM Blockchain World Wire: https://ibm.co/2NZ4wxn
What’s blockchain?: https://ibm.co/2NWWbdH

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  1. hmm, really shocked news. US Retail Giant Albertsons to Track Lettuce Using IBM Blockchain. Let's read on #thecryptosight #thecryptoInsight https://thecryptosight.com/us-retail-giant-albertsons-to-track-lettuce-using-ibm-blockchain/

  2. In hindi, Lund means dick, lmao

  3. Ripple belongs to the big Banksters. Be very careful! In one stroke of the legislator's hands we will be caught in a web of theft and deceit the likes we have never known. Please pick out Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and do not be hood winked by these glossy messages from well known companies. See http:// bitcoin.com

  4. Ripple & Stellar Will be Game changers in Crypto!

  5. Why is XLM or XRP even needed when a stable usd token does the same job over worldwire?

  6. Great job Stellar and IBM!

  7. This is just RIpple company knock off isnt it, its nothing that Ripple cant already do! So ahead of the game!

  8. Brilliant presentation. Thanks Jesse!

  9. Long live Stellar 💪💪💪

  10. can it buy me prostitute

  11. We are talking about internet 2.0, the darkweb and beginning of being anonymous, this was just the start! This is the ultimate currency as well, ask yourself would you rather be paid $50 in fiat, or bitcoin, XLM, ect?

  12. Sell your XRP asap and go for XLM.

  13. How to acquire this cryptocurrency?

  14. I love how they bring in an old white guy to sell it when we all know that the dude has no idea how blockchain is build, spread, and work. I want to hear from a developer, not a old geezer who doesn't even know how html works.

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