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CNBC Pumps Bitcoin | Litecoin | ZenCash Rebrand | Hydro ASIC Farm | Iran Crypto | Loki Nodes

VoskCoin brings you a cryptocurrency information replace protecting how CNBC is pumping Bitcoin, why you should not purchase or mine Litecoin, ZenCash rebrand to Horizen, Loki service node testnet is dwell, and the “anteater” Bitcoin ASIC miners utilizing hydro powered farm in NY!

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CNBC Quick Cash actually. . pumping BTC – http://bit.ly/2LAP1su
TradingView Bitcoin BTC chart evaluation – http://bit.ly/2BRFSw4
Charlie Lee says he will not purchase again LTC – https://cnb.cx/2ok51Go
ZenCash rebrands to Horizen International – http://bit.ly/2wlwueY
Loki Community Coin Service Nodes testnet – http://bit.ly/2LyzSrC
Loki Community has GitHub exercise pulse – http://bit.ly/2wjLrhA
Iran launching state backed crypto coin – http://bit.ly/2N0cUhW
NY Hydroelectric Dam became BTC Farm – http://bit.ly/2Nucs8G
AntEater 10nm Bitcoin sha-256 BTC miner – http://bit.ly/2LzI3nJ
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  1. free 0.015 LTC
    trust me
    direct can withdraw to wallet https://coinut.com/?r=481199

  2. I feel exactly the same as you about Charlie and LTC. Who does that. Crazy how he alone destoyed LTC for allot of fans.

  3. Interesting opinion on CNBC. What about the #1 btc trader on tradingview doing the inverse twitter cnbc calls with a 95% correct calls

  4. Last few months I been hodl ETC, BTG, BTC, and a bit of loki and raven. So far the BTG and ETC have made me the best returns out of these. I think that if BTC continues to move up we will see a nice jump from BTG and ETC, But that's just me, so who really knows. FYI on BTG mining, new EWBF miner v 0.5 you will see near a 45% hash rate increase, make sure your using that version.

  5. Built in 1983 old? Wear and tear? Hey, I was built in 1966; speak for yourself…………..dang kids.

  6. Great video, I love your Analytics! What thoughts about feniks.finance ? I think the project that in the future will be the best cryptocurrency.

  7. Charlie lee is just trying to be decentralised more rather and prefers LTC to talk for its self which it has been doing since the price was 4 USD.

  8. thanks for the livestream!!! pump it up CNBC. we need granny and joe smo to get their buddies in!! I gave up on ltc a long time ago. SWEET LIMITED EDITION SHIRTS!!!! CANT WAIT FOR THOSE TO SHIP!!!! if CNBC wants to not talk smack I say go for them. Its just a shame so many people will loose their shirts again this year once BTC gets over 10 k. DO YOUR RESEARCH NEWBIES! We want you in the game but don't want you to loose your house!!

  9. Keep the content coming 🙂

  10. YO Vosk Thanks for the information Man!

  11. All them icos selling off to survive wish they had sold and made sure ltc has years of runway…….Charlie's wife no one ask if he sold her litecoin……..

  12. Nice informative details ,But still haven’t seen a good and reliable mining system to Mr Joseph's mining pool system and way of generating new Bitcoin (satoshi).

  13. VOSK – Look up that guys name who is heading that hydroelectric mining farm in NY…..

  14. Why doesn't anyone on Youtube seem to like Komodo Coin?

  15. my credit union wrote an education piece on understanding cryptocurrency.

  16. Vosk, I like the shirts but noticed late they are not 100% cotton. This is a deal breaker for future buys.

  17. Yes, green market is good!


  19. Limited Edition Voskcoin Shirts – https://teespring.com/stores/voskcoin
    Want to buy your own Bitcoin Miner? – http://geni.us/2fvBaMO
    VoskCoin Discord Server Invite – https://discord.gg/FGGmS2z
    VoskCoin Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/VoskCoin

  20. Bitcoin 20k by the end of year. CNBC to pump the bitch up

  21. 8k after reversal, Bear Still not Finish

  22. Charlie Lee just posted why he hodl Nano! Big shit must be comming

  23. ive just joined your discord . im dastardlyman there as well as here.

  24. now i just need ravencoin to reach $10

  25. You don't need a separate Secure Node tutorial for ZEN. I followed the Super Node tutorial to setup my Secure Node. The only differences are which VPS you choose, maybe the virtual memory settings, question 1 when you run node setup.js, and the amount of ZEN you deposit to the wallet.

  26. vitalik needs to remember the price for a man that does not keep his word. That's correct, he gets his azz kicked. With any hope Vitalik took a big hit with the down turn of ETH. If Waltonchain is to be the new ETH then it needs to hurry up and drown big heads project.

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