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The place is the Market Heading Subsequent? // CryptoCurrency Information // Bitcoin & Altcoins

The place is the market going subsequent? What’s going to occur with bitcoin?
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  1. Where have you gone dude?
    Happy Birthday 😉

  2. So…. There were supposed to be more videos??

  3. NEO to the moon, …BTC back to 20k by end 2018, ….SIRIN LABS have brought out a lovely square phone called the Finney which 0.02 of the population will love (and understand),…. and mass Babb adoption….this guy represents all that is wrong with the shilly youtube scammery…sorry to anyone that followed this guy and got even more REKKKT than most of us

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  6. what happened to the crypto news studio and the back drop?

  7. 0:30 seconds is the best part of the video.

  8. Omfg you got into crypto mid 2017 and we followed you like youve been through all the bull runs since 2011??

  9. Yes that's true you are not a TA, and yet you were 5000% confident that NEBL will reach 100$, 400$ and even 800$ in no time.

  10. hope you made a killing on ethereum!

  11. Where are the videos?? We going to the moon!!

  12. Wife’s not looking and market already ran…time to head to your basement, film a video, and buy some substratum and Ncash!!

  13. Lol,you remind me of the American woman,when the going gets tough you got going!!! Well I will do the same thing you are the ultimate fomo man…

  14. Come on man, at least fill us in on what’s going on, I don’t believe his intentions are to post when the market goes up. More to it.

  15. I was right all along to unsubscribe this guy.. 😂

  16. FYI….4 weeks. That is all.

  17. When you got more dislikes than likes, your channel is trash. Give it up bro.

  18. Hopefully he learned a lesson. Probably the worst FOMO crypto YouTuber. Got lucky in the bull run of late 2017, then slowly imploded his channel, his credibility, his self esteem, and ultimately his bank account.

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  28. Zack when is the Chinese New Year 💰 coming back? How is that $NEO doing?

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  30. any thoughts on RAID …. having an Initial Exchange Offering on Bittrex in 2 days.

  31. I enjoyed your videos and insights.

  32. What happened to you reporting news?

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