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Crypto Interview with Jimmy Nguyen CEO of nChain @ Paris Blockchain Summit 2019

A crypto interview with nChain CEO Jimmy Nguyen at crypto occasion #ParisBlockchainSummit. He spoke about #BitcoinSV, the choice by #Binance to delist the BitcoinSV token, his personal private views on #CraigWright, modern purposes to come back, the issues dealing with #Ethereum, and way more!

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  1. Yeah BSV! Bring the BIG BLOCKS!!!

  2. interviewer is unconvinced and rightly so

  3. There will only be BSV left. BSV will swallow up everything.

  4. Come on, give us a break. ALL shitcoin exchanges carry the EXACT logotype symbology as the traditional banking system. ALL is connected through freemasonry and OF COURSE it is not their (CZ or Jesse Powell's) personal decision to delist BSV. The order comes from above as BSV start to gain momentum and really start to challenge the traditional fiat central banking system and to streamline all the bureaucracy that comes with it. All those silly schmucks are scared-ass Masons, and it is obvious.

    Since very few people see this and call this out, just tells how uneducated and poorly researched you are. Most idiot trolls have invested in scammy shitcoins like BTC and BCH and just repeat trolly narratives in fear of losing their coffee money because they were to stupid not to see this in the first place.

    Jimmy, Craig and and ALL other BSV fighters, be confident that we WILL win. The silly move to delist BSV was a very, very stupid one in the chess game that is Bitcoin.

  5. If your mind is not blown – you do not understand Bitcoin. *Which is Bitcoin SV.

  6. Everyone is running scared of bsv
    Bucket shops are falling apart.well said jimmy.

  7. good point, CZ zhao is a disgrace of chinese, pure junk

  8. How do you know that it was delisted for personal reasons?

  9. we never wanted SV in the first place and crashed the price of bch any fork is just more money printing and more inflation, and Bch is just as mutch a scam as SV cause the claim to be bitcoin. and yes exchanges don't care about there hodlers

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