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Knowledge Networking for Medium Measurement Bitcoin Mining Operations

As you intend increase and develop your Bitcoin and Altcoin mining operation, knowledge networking turns into extra necessary.

This video discusses community switches, firewalls and community safety, IP deal with house, DHCP server, and reliability.

For extra info on planning your Bitcoin mining operation, see this put up at my web site:

Planning Your Bitcoin Mining Operation


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  1. This was very helpful, thank you!

  2. if i setup serveral antminer´s do i have to confi each miner at a time (pooladress, name etc.) or is there a programm for that?

  3. Pleasure to watch your videos. Full with useful and good information. Thank you for generously sharing. I'm a fan.

  4. This a great video for newbie cryptocurrency mining farm.. thanks

  5. I need to flush my brain…. so much jargon.

  6. very helpful video, thanks for your time!

  7. Rolf your great. Can you do a video on S9 antminer hardware version blank

  8. For a 90 miners setup with redundancy.
    One can split 30 Machine across 3 racks
    Each rack with an access level managed switch AL-SW1, AL-SW2,AL-SW3.
    All three would connect to DS-SW-PRI(Primary) and DS-SW-RED(redundant) .
    Both PRI and RED switch would connect to the MX64 with 2 ISP connections.
    Not sure about where core switch would be needed ?

  9. Love the video i actually have 16 miners i wanted to set-up a switch, don't know which one to go PROSAFE NETGEAR 16 PORTS or tp link or dlink managed or unmanaged ? which one will be better for me? what do you think?

  10. Exactly what model Cisco Mreaki Firewall are you using?

  11. Thank you for the great video. On the Cisco firewall, the datasheet says max 50 users. Is that a hard limit or will the mx64 support more than 50 connections? Thanks!

  12. Love your videos? Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Can you make a video on your electricity configurations and what would be required for 200 S9’s?

  13. Hello Rolf. Can you refer some CCNA and may be also electricians that have experience in setting up a farm and can provide a quote for me. I am currently building mining rigs and looking for investors to looking to start a farm and manage it. Thank you.

  14. Excellent Communication !! Great Video … Liked ! Subbed !

  15. Very Clear, and understandable, makes me want to study I.T. again… Thank you!

  16. what kind of bandwidth would be good for a 300 machine mining farm ?

  17. Awesome video! I'm shopping for a firewall for my mining setup now and curious if you have any opinions on the Netgate SG-2440 with pfsense? I'm still running out of my basement, so I can't quite afford a Cisco firewall yet!

  18. Thank you for all your great videos. I will be setting up 60 miners over the next few weeks and I'm sure this will save me time and money!

  19. thanks, what about a VPN router? just for more security

  20. hello could you please let me know what is the heat rejected by L3+ and power supply? in other words is possible to measure the temperature out vs the temperature IN? that i will appreciate you help because i need this info to build my cooling system


  21. Hi Rolf, how low does the latency need to be for 100 miners?
    Thanks for your great videos:)

  22. Thank Rolf amazing info, im just learning how to setup networks and was wondering if the Meraki mx64 w is compatible with Cisco WS-C4948-10GE-S Catalyst 48 Gig, used for my network switches?

    Is it ok to just setup 3 x 48 port network switches coming out of firewall or do i need to have the core/ distribution layer setup before the access layer?
    im only looking to setup 65 miners now, but i also want to make it easy to add more later when it happens.

    Thanks for your help 🙂
    Warm Regards Jade

  23. Hi I would I set up my router to access my ant miners from any location?

  24. This is overkill I mine with linux
    The free routers are good to use just add a 24 port hub and I'm good to go

  25. do you have a form of pdf document which i can use for settingup ,say 2ph/s

  26. Thank you. planning to start with 50 S9 antminer the internet I have 2 Mbps download/upload will that be enough.

  27. Great vid! Excellent coverage and suggestions for those expanding from basic home/small mining. Can you provide some more specific coverage on your failover and WAN setup? You mentioned it in this and another video but didn't go into detail on the components/config/costs there. Also, how are you getting network redundancy for single NIC devices like Antminers?

  28. I have been running eight S9's for my 4 month POC…Actually almost recouped the initial investment with the Bitcoin value increase….Next step is to purchase more and expand the operation. My question is with buying directly from Bitmain,…Will I need to utilize a Customs broker to make my next major purchase? Should I use UPS as the broker? FYI, your videos are great !!!! They really encapsulate the learnings I had to go through alone. I have been referring people to your videos when I get questioned with my project. Kind regards!

  29. I'm just starting out with solo mining….I have two s9s and three T9s

    how important is a hardware firewall? I currently use a netgear router with openwrt software flashed to it. I have a 48 port switch connected to this router and all my antminers are connected to the 48 port switch.

    What could feasibly happen if one does not have a hardware firewall? Is openwrt software firewall sufficient?

    Thanks for the video, I appreciate it.

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