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Promoting AMD GPUs Throughout the Cryptocurrency Mining Craze – Craigslist Trip Alongside #7

AMD graphics playing cards have skyrocketed in worth as a consequence of Ethereum and varied different cryptocurrencies so it is time to SELL SELL SELL. This a primary for the Craigslist Trip Alongside sequence; usually I am the one doing the shopping for. In mild of all of the loopy worth hikes I additionally wished to take a second to debate the “ethics” or “morals” promoting these playing cards at a premium in addition to shopping for up total inventories so professional players are left with nothing. Earnings from promoting all my AMD playing cards (ones not proven on this video) are summarized on the finish of the video.

I don’t personally mine any cryptocurrencies nor am I an skilled concerning them. The intention of this video was to share my fortunate scenario since I had been sitting on a few of these playing cards for fairly a while and was starting to assume I used to be going to both break even and even lose cash when it got here time to half methods with them. For these of you who’re all for studying a bit extra about cryptocurrencies here is a terrific video explaining it to novices: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oa1du_palN4&

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  1. mummy and daddy must be doing well

  2. Price of you AMD card plz replay

  3. rx 580 for 250? damn good ol' times

  4. This isnt pc related, but i bought a rust bucket of a outdoor kitchen for 10 dollars at a garage sale and cleaned it up and made it nice again. then sold it for 150, then bought a ryzen 3 1200 and a motherboard to upgrade my dying pc! worth the time and effort put towards cleaning it!

  5. I got so lucky when I bought my new GPU. I paid $220 Canadian for a GTX 1050 Ti. And no kidding a month later after I bought it they are selling them now for $350+ Canadian. Some of them are completely out of stock too. This mining craze is stupid. I got so lucky I bought when I did. Because I wouldn't have been able to find one for cheaper. Well I mean the cheapest one I can find right now is the Zotac GTX 1050 Ti and its going for $240 but all the EVGA ones are $350 + . This is all on Amazon.ca You really have to search to find a deal

  6. The craze is still going on right now

  7. Well now I need to wait ~1-2 years for my pc -.-

  8. You know you can sell me a nice 750ti a 970 a 1050 or 1050ti or a 1060 I need one

  9. Eat a banana im being serious potassium helps shaky hands

  10. Ruining Gaming at its Finest

  11. nothing scummy about making a few bucks on a legal sale

  12. TBH I don't like the mining craze

  13. I wouldnt leave that damn harness on your dog all the time.

  14. What kind of car do you have?

  15. I'm someone who wants to buy a card for gaming but cannot due to the mining craze. However I don't think the miners are at fault or should be faulted. At the end of the day, it goes down to "livelihood vs entertainment". Someone who gets cards for mining is essentially creating a "livelihood" or income.
    We get angry when we see homeless people who don't work beg for money, but we get mad when someone comes up with a way to make money but interferes with our fun.

    If you look at it in the long run, these miners are actually doing something good for the gaming community.
    1, they are giving plenty of money to Videocard manufacturers which in turn goes into R&D to make better cards for us in the future.
    2, once the craze dies down, the market will be flooded with many decent cards which will not only make it cheap for us but also will encourage more gamers to get into gaming due to the cheap cost of cards compared to a console.
    3, more gamers = more game sales = more money for game devs= more money to make better games. = better games for you and me! and a few extra noobs to pwnz

    So if we look at it this way, we are actually winning.

  16. I sold an 8GB RX 480 for $435 on Ebay but that was after people bid it up. I started the auction at $220, so I don't feel bad about it that it sold for a high price. I wasn't telling anyone that they had to pay over four hundred dollars for it.

  17. I was gonna buy an RX 570, but 500 dollars.

    Now I can't upgrade my PC.

    Thanks, miners.

  18. Can someone tell me what boys and gpus etc are being mined

  19. is this is good I found a GeForce 8600 GT GPU for 50 dollars let me know

  20. r9 290x is going for $500 here. Absolutely mental

  21. never accept paypal and give items in person. he can scam you via paypal when he is reporting "no item received" you have to give them a tracking number which you do not have when meeting in person.

  22. 2 months ago I got a Palit GTX 780 super Jetstream for £85

  23. My Chinese friend just got an RX 480 for 180 dollars on sale a month ago. He is currently in China and his rig is here in the US. If he was still here, he could have sold it and got a 1080. Although he probably still wouldn't of because he is extremely stubborn.

  24. Sold my 1060 for more then what I paid for 2 months ago (brand new) I'm not complaining! made the upgrade to a 1080 ALOT cheaper. Keep mining fellas!

  25. I'm never getting over the fact I sold my 480 and 470 before this whole mining thing blew up. $300 profit down the drain…

  26. I just bought a brand new RX 480 4gb(now flashed to 8gb) for $210 brand new. Was in the right place at the right time. Last one in the entire 100 square mile area that's not 2-3x the price. Threw it in with my r9 fury ($230 new on new egg months ago) and decided to mine and make spare cash.

  27. Got my r9 290 sold for $250

  28. what if I have an r9 fury?

  29. How much is my 4g 480 worth

  30. I5 2400 complete desktop for $55? That's the best deal I got so far

  31. i got a gtx 470 and i wanted to update to a rx 480 now 🙁

  32. i purchased a cheap 1070 ftw edition on ebay just before this whole mining craze started. i paid $460 aud for it. i have seen many 1070's on ebay being listed for $700 and above so i will probably sell me 1070 and buy something better (or wait for vega). i don't think its a bad thing to do at all. gotta make money somehow? if someone wants to buy what i have for more then what i paid for it. then why not?

  33. Back in early March I had picked up two R9 380X cards for $240 total to use in a Crossfire config. I ended up selling them a couple weeks ago for about $440, making $200 profit after seeing the value go up, and used the money to buy a Gigabyte GTX 1080 OC to get some better gaming performance. No regrets.

  34. i have been trying to move my 480 4gb for a few days and no bites. i want a 1070 bad

  35. fuck all this shit .

  36. the whole thing was a miracle for me, I thought my (not my anymore) RX 470 would stand on a shelf as a spare part and after few years I would get rid of it. But now I sold it for more than I paid for it and at great timing – Steam Summer Sale!!!

  37. you're just using the situation, what other people people buying out a gpu and reselling it for more is scalping, this happened with the NES classic

  38. If miners want these amd cards, then I still don't understand why the Gtx 1060's are going up in price. I was starting to buy parts for my pc too, so I guess I got unlucky.

  39. I bought a 2gb R9 380 xfx double diss. for $105 new in December. Should I sell it?

  40. I saw a black niggggeeerrrrrrrrr

  41. So I guess I should have went with a 480 not a 1060…

  42. Got my vapor-x 290x for 160 euros, i could sell it for over 200 easy right now i guess then.

  43. So I should sell my rx 480?

  44. I also unloaded my RX480 4GB that I bought in like November of last year. Made like $140 profit after fees. Now I'm just gonna patiently wait for Vega to release and then pick one up then.

  45. I have an RX 480 8Gb model and a back up GTX 960. Is it worth it to sell the RX 480?

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