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What’s Blockchain? | Know-how behind Bitcoin

On this video we are going to see:
– What’s BlockChain
– Why blockchain is necessary
– Who’s Satoshi Nakamoto
– What’s bitcoin
– Bitcoin with blockchain
– Safety and belief over web
– Uneven cryptography
– What’s ledger – block chain
– Database
– Change database historical past
– Node in a netwrok
– Why Blockchain is required
– How bitcoin works
– How Hashing is finished
– Hash collision
– Hash key
– Linked Checklist
– The place can we use blockchain
– BlockChain is secure and safe

Distributed Public Ledger.
SHA-256 hash

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  1. I started learning hyper ledger fabric and composer 7 months back. That time no documentation was available. I struggled a lot. happy to see u came up with this initiative. Thank u so much. Looking forward to it to learn more.

  2. Hi sir, can you suggest training institute for blockchain or online training?

  3. What will happen if any block gets down?
    Then how the chain will remain

  4. 👏👏👏Congratulations sir for starting series on Block chain technology… I know it will also get success like other series…

  5. suppose someone forgets there password then how he can recover his account?

  6. It seems to one of d boring topic!

  7. Good info buddy. Nice catchy channel name too. ATB.

  8. another useful series..tq sir…."be jack of all and master of one" these words really motivated me sir tq a lot : )

  9. Amazing start , I was learning about blockchain from many days but now I get to know what it really is.
    Thankyou sir.

  10. Hi I don't have any programming knowledge experience.Can I choose Block Chain to learn?or RPA (Automation Anywhere)?Which will be easy to learn .

  11. Hi I don't have any programming knowledge experience.Can I choose Block Chain to learn?or RPA (Automation Anywhere)?Which will be easy to learn .

  12. Sir, we need a series on Blockchain. Do make one.

  13. sir plzz make ENTIRE contents of BLOCKCHAIN , yours videoa are too useful

  14. Last year today you have uploaded this video

  15. Navin Im following your videos in recent times…very impressive …. please make a series of blockchain

  16. By the way, the channel name Telusko (telusuko) means, saying 'know it' in Telugu. He is Telugu guy

  17. Sir, your accent is too fast to us to learn..can you please add subtitles to it..

  18. pleasemake entire series .. waiting hard !!!

  19. Amazing video… amazing technology and u have explained it in a very simple way!!! Hats off👌

  20. Awesome Explanation Sir(Guruvu Garu)

  21. Very good need complete list soon

  22. Superb broh I have searched everywhere about block chain but I dint understand that but you clearly explained it thanks broh lub U😍

  23. Please start making tutorials on datascience

  24. You are really awesome. Thanks for sharing this video in such a simple way.

  25. By your words,we can able to know something altered but if someone is able to change the data. Where is the security??????

  26. Nice explanation but we need some more information

  27. Excited to understand blockchain

  28. Blockchain is high on demand. As a business perspective, make an entire series on blockchain and sell it for a certain affordable amount. This will benefit you as well as students like me.

  29. A small suggestion to every subscriber of telusko learning. please do attend the meetups conducted by Mr Naveen. He 'll give you a lot of knowledge about things like these. I was fortunate to attend one where in I came to know a lot about Block chain.😊

  30. Great video.What kind of programming/technology I need to learn to get a job in Blockchain?

  31. Sir how could we know that who has changed my data.

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